step back
renegade stripes

Running for no more than 20 minutes in the heat, I walked instead to cool down, uphill, thinking about the architecture of techno that carries a euphoric tint.

There are certain forms of dance music that have me picturing rafters in a vast room, metal girders across echoing ceiling space. I say 'picture', but this isn't really a visual thing - it's not about imagining warehouse raves or vibrating arenas of corrugated tin.

It's more to do with the structure of music itself, the construct, simultaneous layers, not just a line of time, but highwire strip lights over deep, flavoured earth, tang above tiger depth, judderflash and sting over solid foundations.

Will-o'-the-wisp in a yard of timber. Moonflitter swamp with its boomtangle weeds. Song lines in the far forest. We're running away from the buildings now.

Days like this, can't stand the architecture of the sun as it bakes through our city, but I can deal with the shapes in my ear.

Primrose Hill 010822