step back

When I think about the moon, I think about there being more than one.

the moon, just about

Nothing more alien than a sky with too many celestial bodies. Nothing more sci-fi than cold satellites and far out blue.

water beyond the marsh

The pink wonder of the water at Brightlingsea, under-rated evening visions. The moving flats of waves beyond the salt marsh, all in their own sweet time.

family by the water, moon above

Whenever you catch photos marginally off grid it can appear as if the sky is curving away from its watchers.

the tower by the water

A lord had this tower built on the edge of the water so that his daughter might survive tuberculosis. Somehow she recovered, even in a barely windowed cell, hounded by the estuary and her inability to walk beneath the birds.

walking by the tidal pool

There are huts that face one way, and huts that face another.

tower by the tidal pool

I think of Star Wars, geeks buried deep in darkened rooms, all the names of planets I can't recall, fictional and other.

the tidal pool under evening

I think of the tidal pool that's always there, kelpy, stagnant, ready to be paddled.

family walking towards the tower

People have to turn the right way for it to work, or they have to look purposeful, their backs against the lens.

Brightlingsea 100622