step back

The bending of a rain wall over impossible deltas. Try to locate the significance of what we term 'an infinitely varied existence' within the tattooed gloom of an elongated neck. Monkey fur posing in a temporary studio beneath the canopy. Wild night wisdom. Anyone who's glimpsed a motor vehicle, locked out.

Someone out there somewhere else is trying to program bacteria to execute simple algorithmic functions. Others are trying to help computers accept the loss of cells as an inevitable part of ageing, just so we don't all run out of space.

When the wall of water comes up, it can cover the tops of trees in all directions, at which point who really knows what we're looking at any more?

It was never the same back then and these are the days my friend (and these are the days, my friend).

Locate that on a distant folding beach. Be a genius. Then play it. Get something back to me, just so I know you have it.

There's something there about how we share shadow and light with absolutely everything. In the end, we're just a bewildered series of flat surfaces, all jauntily angled, like a Jurassic fern before the Great Burning.

Photograph everything from above. Nothing on the ground surprises us frequently enough any more.

A fishing expedition with the extended family and unusual pets is about all I, or anyone else, could ask for - the light collapsing with each catch, the children left behind.

Manchester 140522